Festival pgrm:001 - Detonate Festival Goes Cashless

Sunday 10th May 2015

Over the next 3 weeks we'll be publishing the festival programme here on our website...

Detonate Festival goes cashless...

For the tech geeks among us, this is pretty exciting news! We'll be using RFID wristbands and cashless payment technology at this years Festival.

What this means to non geeks is...

  • You'll get into the Festival quicker
  • Your wristband will be used for all payments during the festival - drinks, food, whatever else.
  • More time watching the amazing line up we've got in store, and less time queuing at bars or going to cash points, worrying about losing your wallet etc.
  • No drinks tokens or cash accepted at the bars.

This wristband is your ticket to get in faster and will also be used to make fast convenient and secure purchases at the festival – you just tap it on our readers when you make purchases.

How it works...

  • You can register your cashless wristband on our website - this will launch shortly.
  • Once this is done you 'top up' and add funds to your cashless account before you get to the festival - this saves loads of time on the day!
  • When you get to the festival, your ticket will be changed for a wristband which connects with the account you've created, and so your credit is on there and you can get straight on with partying.
  • To make purchases on-site you simply tap your wristband on one of the payment points at the bar or food stands. The amount will automatically be deducted from your account – it's pretty fucking easy tbh.
  • You can get refunded for any credit you don't spend.

More details coming soon!

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