Detour: Dark Sky

Thursday 7th March 2013

Flying in the face of identikit dance music and soulless bandwagon-jumping, London-based trio Dark Sky peddle a unique and shadowy sound that is making a major impact in the underground scene.

Carlo Anderson, Matthew Benyayer and Thomas Edwards have come a long way since 2010’s striking future-dubstep ‘Something to Lose’ EP, refusing to remain tied down to one tempo or genre, and have dealt impressively with elements of garage, grime and house.

Their last few releases find the beatsmiths relatively settled around the 130bpm mark, where they have been perfecting their compulsive approach to house, ping-ponging between sparse, percussive cuts and expansive, melodic beats.

With every EP maintaining a distinctive identity, and every tune so meticulously constructed, there is no doubt that Dark Sky are passionate about what they do, but they have always been single-minded in their approach. They unashamedly make music inspired by and created for the club, and this formula pays dividends.

Catch Dark Sky at Detour & HIDDEN on Tuesday March 19th (full details here), but to tide you over, here is the top ten Dark Sky tracks, for your listening pleasure.

The Click 




High Rise

The Lick


The XX - Crystallised (Dark Sky remix)




Words: Joe Ponting